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Extreme Championship Drinking reviews

Johnny Vomit
Extreme Championship Drinking
NGS Records
Jeff Karbow

These Chicago natives have been at it for over 20 years but due to heavy drinking and a slew of line up changes, the band have only released a 17 song demo in 89' and an EP titled "Projectile". Over 20 years in the making, Johnny Vomit finally unleashed their debut full length onto the masses.

There are 14 original tracks in all which average 1:30 to 3 minutes in length, with covers of Gang Green's "Alcohol", Girl School's "Emergency" and Peter And The Test Tube Babies, "Banned From The Pubs". So not only do you get quality original tracks but you get three classics played the only way Johnny Vomit knows how to, drunken and full of belligerence. The band cites bands such as Venom, D.R.I, Meatmen, Discharge, The Mentors, and Black Flag as their main influences, so you get plenty of thrashing grooves done hardcore style and vocals that are easily deciphered by drunken hardcore veterans. There are some pretty sweet leads placed through out to keep your more technical side appeased.

I love me some party lyrics and these guys are one of the best at using alcohol as a vehicle for comedy. You have fine songs such as "Rock ‘N' Roll Pussyhole, which sports fine lines such as "Fall Out Boy makes you cream. You're so dumb, your stomachs full of cum". A song aptly titled "What The Fuck", which is about pussies who take a sip and let it sit and drunken slobs who spill and waste beer. Indeed, what the fuck?! And there are plenty more choice songs about fucking, wanting to fuck, getting fucked up and sluts who deserve a good fucking, and the obligatory shitting on hippies song. What more could you possibly ask for?

Recorded at Volume Studios and mastered at the Boiler Room, both in Chicago, this album sounds just as rugged as the band but in a good way. The guitar tone boasts a beefy sound that slays the mix. The bass wasn't as loud and present as I would've liked but when it did rear its head here and there it sounded good. The vocals sounded loud and belligerent, allowing for every hilarious word to be heard, so I loved that. The drums sounded dense and full, so I've got no complaints there.

I've always been a fan of this labels layouts, especially the cover art because 9 times out 10 it sports an awesome hand drawn cover which is sadly becoming a lost art form. It is absolute chaos on the cover of this one, with tons of color and crazy characters drinking beers and rioting in the pit. The throw up Johnny Vomit logo is fucking clutch. The booklet is pretty hefty, and not only does it have all of the lyrics but it also has a shit load of pictures of the band over the years, it also has some nice titty shots here and there. Nice. Very nice. One of best tray arts I've seen done up by Juicy Joel. It features the band in their utopia with slutty bitches rubbing their clits and acting a fool while they drink some beers at their pub of choice. This would easily be the best tray I've seen if it had color but I can deal with it because I know the color on the cover art alone must've cost the label a ton. So even minus that, this layout is fucking killer.

Rating: 4/5

Sections Worthy of Replay: Rock "n" Roll Pussyhole and What The Fuck

Synopsis: Like most of the releases NGS has put out, this one has some funny tongue in cheek lyrics with quality backing music and a stunning layout that is sure to catch any degenerates eye. You'd be a god damned fool to pass this one up. For any vinyl hounds out there, there are pilsner and licorice colored records in a limited run of 500, so hop on it while you can. I'm sure the record looks fucking killer. So don't be an uppity bitch, pick this one up, you won't be disappointed. I know I wasn't, this one has been getting tons of play.

When someone mentions a Chicago drinking institution some may bring up Harry Caray’s or Mother’s or even the Exit but the first name that pops into my mind is JOHNNY VOMIT! In existence for decades it seems to have taken that long for the band to be captured properly on tape and it’s about fucking time! Johnny Vomit is Chicago’s answer to any band who truly don’t give a fuck about anything other than having a good time. Similar in ethics as legendary bands like Murphy’s Law and the Mentors, JV play no frills Metallic Punk with lyrics straight out of an alcohol induced blackout weekend. You know the ones, a bag of this a bottle of that a case of those and a box of rubbers...yeah, well if you’re headed out for some fun like that, this is your soundtrack. Musically this is the best the band has ever sounded, recorded by Chicago heavyweight Sanford Parker, ‘Extreme Championship Drinking’ accomplishes the goal of having a kick ass album but without losing the essential vibe. Songs like “Bottom Feeder”, “Plastic Vac Bac Girl”, “What The Fuck”, “Flophouse”, “Fuck” and “Hippieocracy” and perhaps my favorite “Breadbag” all prove the lyrical slant may be “light hearted” but this is a dangerous band no question about it. or =Tom=


From The Lords of Metal

Johnny Vomit - Extreme Championship Drinking
NGS Records
Koen: Just when you thought beer-drinking couldn't get any better, along comes Johnny Vomit's new full-length CD 'Extreme Championship Drinking'. The band from Chicago, Illinois was incepted back in 1986 and has so far released a six-track MCD entitled 'Projectile' and has created a name for itself with belligerent tales of fucking, drinking and other enjoyable pastimes. Music wise, Johnny Vomit was heavily inspired by mid-Eighties speed metal, punk rock and hardcore and Venom, Discharge, D.R.I., Black Flag, Meatman and The Mentors are cited as their main influences.

'Extreme Championship Drinking' contains fourteen hardcore tracks which they pull off quite well and are quite satisfying for fans of D.R.I., Gang Green and Adrenalin O.D., although Johnny Vomit won't have that much impact on the music scene as afore mentioned bands did somewhat twenty years ago. Therefore their music sounds too old-fashioned nowadays, but I really don't fucking care! The CD also contains three bonus cover versions: 'Alcohol' by Gang Green, 'Emergency' by Girlschool and 'Banned From The Pubs' by Peter And The Test-Tube Babies. BAAAAARFFFFFFF!

Rating: 75/100 (details)



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