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About Us

On this page we will describe our background and philosophy.



Since Johnny Vomit's inception in December of 1986, the band has created quite a name for itself with its patented brand of musical mayhem. Hailing from Chicago's South Side and south suburbs, Johnny Vomit has attained cult-like status through numerous frenzied live gigs, one-of-a-kind drunken blowouts, and a 1989 demo that unleashed the band throughout the underground.

Influenced by mid-80's speed metal, hardcore and punk rock, the band was formed by John and Roman while attending Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, IL. John took the name Johnny (from his high school screw around band John Doe) and Roman contributed the name Vomit (from his high school project Vomit) to arrive with the moniker Johnny Vomit. Venom, Discharge, D.R.I., Black Flag, Meatmen and the Mentors are cited as the bands's early influences.

In recent years, the band has been relatively idle due to countless lineup changes that have plagued them like some kind of Spinal Tap curse. Fortunately, the band has solved its personnel troubles, solidifying a lineup that has been intact since October of '96. Eric on guitar, Bill on drums and longtime bass mainstay Scott, join Roman (guitar) and John (vocals) for a Johnny Vomit lineup that is ready to take its drunken delirium to intoxicating extremes.

Johnny Vomit has recently released a six-song CD, Projectile, the band's first recorded output since its '89 17-song demo. The original demo sold out and garnered rave reviews from various underground publications, including punk rock bible Maximum Rock "N" Roll. MRR described the tape as: "Punker than humanly possible, spinning tales of fucking, drinking, and other enjoyable pastimes. Of course, the music is P.U.N.K. Get a mowhawk and slam to this."

Initially a hardcore/punk band, Johnny Vomit has evolved into a much heavier groove orientated hardcore/metal outfit. On Projectile, Johnny Vomit serves up chunks of crunching rhythms, gulps of bruising thrash, and swigs of hard-hitting lyrics.

The bands's lyrical content is rife with paeans to drinking and hedonic living. Make no mistake, Johnny Vomit is a party band, pure and simple. "Drink To The Extreme" is not only the title of the CD's last track, but also serves as the band's message. And that message is definitely fulfilled at a live show. The band describes its live performance as an affair filled with BEER, bedlam, booze, belligerency, bash and banter. If you thought Gang Green defined inebriety...think again!

Without a doubt, Johnny Vomit's hardcore hi-jinks are not to be missed! And Projectile (with its eye-catching projectile cover photo), regurgitates the band's heaviness, aggression and groove with the festive flow of a freshly tapped keg!

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